Training youth today to be leaders tomorrow, L!FE Empowers Youth to Empower Their Futures. 

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L!FE Leaders, Inc. is a leadership & career development program that uses business skill training to help you find your voice, establish goals and action plans for achievement

Teenagers – Find your voice, establish goals, and action plans for achievement in life, education and your careers. Do all of this while immersed in real life work experiences. L!FE teaches middle school and high school students (emerging adults) the skills needed to succeed in life, education and careers. Using hand-on, fun and experiential programming, L!FE teaches essential life and career skills: 

• Networking, Finding One’s Own Voice, Marketing, Public Speaking, Financial Acumen
• Self-confidence, Presentation Skills, Business Etiquette and more

L!FE students put these skills into action by working in their community with established business, community and political leaders to foster relationships and bonds for life. We offer the expertise that can lead to real success — YOU CAN DO IT, AND HERE’S HOW:

L!FE MISSION: Empowering Youth to Empower Their Future


L!FE = The Ability and Audacity to Achieve

Empower our youth on a path to change their world in the most uplifting and positive manner through immersive, experiential training in Entrepreneur-ISM – believing in oneself, articulating dreams and goals, and having the audacity and the tools to make it happen. L!FE launches skills and confidence to know anything is possible with strength of character, integrity and the courage to figure it out.

L!FE Excellence Core Summer 2018 Town Hall Highlights

Excellence Corps Summer 2018 program brought together high school students five days a week over the course of 5 ½ weeks to build leadership, goal achievement skills and networking relationships for academic, career and civic responsibility. The program trained participants in public speaking, networking, design thinking and creating a Strategic Plan for Tindal Activity Center in Detroit, MI.

What people are saying…

“As we commit to planting seeds of opportunities in the minds of young people, it’s extremely rewarding to witness fertility blossom in those who participate in Excellence Corps. From eager curious minds at the start of the program, to focused energetic young leaders at the conclusion of the program, I am sure that programs like this work if supported and given the opportunity. We can’t continue to say that students are disengaged if we aren’t providing circumstances that foster engagement….and Excellence Corps does just that!”
Angelique Peterson-MayberryVice President, Board, Detroit Public Schools Community District
“These kids are phenomenal. What you have accomplished in those three weeks since you have been at Tindal, to even come up with this idea, to say ‘Ok, let’s look into the future, let’s see  what we need to do’.”
Maria Adams LaughtonExecutive Director, Tindal Activity Center, Detroit

L!FE Leaders, Inc., a non-profit, will take on future initiatives like those originally launched by L!FE Leaders, Inc. Founders, including Entrepreneur-ISM Intensive & Collective, Excellence Corps, L!FE PRIME Internships Training Program, and L!FE Afterschool Club.