Entrepreneur-ISM Intensive and Collective


L!FE’s Entrepreneur-ISM program focuses L!FE’s mission of finding your voice to establish goals and paths to achieve them on PERSONAL goals – academic, career, community, civic or business. Entrepreneur-ISM curriculum is presented in 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 – Entrepreneur-ISM Intensive: A multi-week (usually summer) program*
  • Phase 2 – Entrepreneur-ISM Collective: An after-school program designed to support students as they continue to pursue their goals established in the Phase 1 program, Entrepreneur-ISM Intensive.

* Customized schedules for consecutive days, multi-week evening, weekend and summer programs

 “It was really inspiring and thrilling to see my son, besides video games and soccer, have the entrepreneur inside kick-in to give-out this great idea.”
Natasha PowellParent of L!FE Graduate

Excellence Corps

Excellence Corps cultivates students’ visions for the future of their city and provides opportunities to be actively involved in making these visions a reality. Through experience-based learning that builds leadership, goal achievement skills and networking relationships for academic, career and civic responsibility, Excellence Corps  fosters a deep understanding of the changing nature and needs of neighborhoods and communities.

Beginning with a training intensive, Excellence Corps helps develop future community leaders by providing experiential workshops, classes and fields trips. Topics of learning include: the community’s history, neighborhoods, businesses and social initiatives; active citizenry (meeting with community, business, city leaders);  fundamental business skills (marketing, branding, finance, business acumen); the role of the media; conflict resolution;  public speaking skills (storytelling, audience engagement, improvisation and presentations) and more. Culminating in a Town Hall Presentation, students present what they’ve discovered and their intended goals moving forward. After the training intensive, students have an opportunity to put what they’ve learned into action during the following weeks by working throughout the city four days a week accompanied by one day a week in the classroom for debriefing, team building, conflict resolution, planning and processing of what they’ve experienced.

Click here to read more about the inaugural launch of Excellence Corps of Detroit at Cass Technical High School this summer 2018, by our Founders, Amy Nederlander and Michaela Murphy.

“The L!FE program gives students classroom and practical tools to help them achieve their goals, and pairs them with local entrepreneurs who act as advisors, learning many valuable business, project and planning skills they can use for the rest of their lives.”
Robert TopeyParent of L!FE Graduate

L!FE PRIME Internship Training Program

Using a three-phase program, we facilitate internships for our students with local businesses and organizations. Our work here begins with helping students conduct a thorough self-evaluation, hone their communication skills, and prepare for the work environment. We also work with our mentoring partners to make sure they are fully supported in creating meaningful and productive internships within their organizations. Post-internship, L!FE PRIME guides students in building their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and in beginning to cultivate their professional networks.

PHASE 1: Preparation

  • Communication skills
  • Practical proficiencies
  • Etiquette
  • Personal branding
  • Public speaking
  • Interview skills
  • Training for internship

PHASE 2: Internship

  • Mentorship
  • 1-on-1 calls
  • Group calls
  • Setting goals
  • Reports & reviews
  • Evaluations
  • Ongoing support

PHASE 3: Follow-up

  • Resume
  • Cover-letters
  • LinkedIn
  • Networking
  • Thank-you’s
  • Self-Assessment
  • Interview coaching

L!FE Afterschool Clubs

L!FE Clubs are launched by inaugural graduates of L!FE programs as a way for students to continue to build their projects (or start new ones), support one another during the process, host guest speakers and round table discussions, participate in field trips, present Idea Slams, and more. L!FE Clubs are a safe place to work on projects within an open network of communication and support.

L!FE Clubs are open to all students who want to participate, and are led by L!FE program graduates. Student leaders create their L!FE Club mission statement, projected goals, programming and events.

L!FE Clubs meet weekly at a regularly scheduled time with L!FE instructors for continued support and direction.  Ideally, there is a designated space where L!FE Club members can study, work on projects, do research and congregate.