The strength of the L!FE community lies in the breadth, depth, and diversity of our partners. We enlist the expertise of local business and community leaders, guest speakers, internship facilitators, educators and school districts; all of them dedicated to the success of our program participants. Don’t just take our word for it. See what others are saying about the extraordinary work being done by our students.

Within The Community:

“Working with L!fe Excellence, through our Summer Youth Employment Program, has helped us realize that exposure to the arts can be as essential as exposing youth to our typical regimented work readiness training.  It is evident that participation in the arts fosters a greater sense of self-respect, endurance, constructive competition, team work, discipline and creative thinking, all of which employers desire.”
-Ericka Page
Detroit Employment Solutions Corps
Youth Services Manager


“Your program is unique in both its curriculum and delivery, elevating inherent skills, leadership, enthusiasm, and commitment from our students. The students loved the L!FE program. The feedback from parents, students, and faculty is outstanding.”
-Mark Ornstein
UPrep Schools


What you have accomplished in those three weeks since you have been at Tindal, to even come up with this idea, to say ‘Ok, let’s look into the future, let’s see what we need to do.’  These kids are phenomenal. ”
-Maria Adams Laughton
Executive Director
Tindal Activity Center


“As I look at you today, you all have grown.  You all now have some tools. Some tools that we need you to have because there is a lot of work to be done, and we can’t do it alone. We are very very hopeful for what you all are going to do with the knowledge and tools that you have received.”
-Angelique Peterson-Mayberry
Board Vice President
Detroit Public Schools Community District

From Our Students:

“I participated in the L!FE Program’s during the summer of 2016, the summer of 2018 and am still working with L!FE. I learned the basics of entrepreneurship,  the benefits of goal-setting and creating an action plan to achieve my dreams. The things I like most about the program are the mentors and advisors I have come to know in these few short months. I am so glad I participated in the L!FE Programs. This program has left me more confident about myself, because I learned how to speak up more.”
Tariq Topey
Student – L!FE Entrepreneur-ISM Intensive
L!FE Excellence Corps
Member – L!FE Excellence Corps Student Leadership Council


“L!FE Excellence Corps program  taught me about networking, getting to know people and coming out of my comfort zone.”
Tasnia Chowdhury
Student – L!FE Excellence Corps
Member – L!FE Excellence Corps Student Leadership Council


“I feel confident, happy. I feel proud of myself. This program helped me be more outgoing.”
Chantell Bray
Student – L!FE Excellence Corp
Member – L!FE Excellence Corps Student Leadership Council


“L!FE was astounding, It provided new experiences for me to learn about how to start a business.”
Celestina Campos Nieto
L!FE Graduate & Founder, Believe It Can Be